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You're late AGAIN! You're late again because you couldn't find the right top and a matching pair of shoes - yes, you found lots of single shoes, but not a pair. Now you're not only late, you're frustrated, disheveled and never had time to feed the dog who's now giving you those sad eyes knowing he has to rummage through the trash while you're gone - just because you had a disorganized closet and couldn't get ready on time. Hopefully you don't mind last night's leftovers all over the living room carpet.

May we offer a solution that will keep you on time and end household dog hunger in one fell swoop?

Cabinets of Denver isn't in the business of cabinets to sell cabinets. Cabinets of Denver is in the business of helping make your life easier through cabinetry. We know that having an organized closet is the key to making your morning routine easier, simpler and more relaxed.

With custom cabinetry in your walk-in closet you will know exactly where that top is and precisely where that perfect (and matched) pair of shoes are tucked in. Because closet cabinets are not just about organization - it's about making your life easier and better (and saving your trash can from Fido's furry.. eh.. fury.)

"In any closet you will be able to find it if it is too small, out of style or there is only one where there should be two." - anonymous

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"Judi, with Cabinets of Denver, had several good suggestions about additions to our kitchen which made the entire design much more workable. Judi is very professional and definitely knows the field of interior design! She stands behind her work and gets things done in a timely and efficient manner." - Denver, CO

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